Aug '05, Little Cloud, Wasatch Range, Utah - Ski
World Record Ski Streak--Most continuous weeks AND months of downhill skiing ever recorded ©

Another great month of summer skiing.

Still plenty of snowpack. This summer reminds me of '93.
I'd have to dig deeper to find a pic from a good year like '93, but compare this top pic (from the last week of August '05) to the next one down, from early July 2000.

This was taken the first week of July, five years ago.
There is much more snowpack in this year's shot even though
it was taken almost 8 weeks later than the one from July 2000.

As I've been saying for months; this snow will easily last all the way through summer.

Lapping "Reliable"

I don't mind summer so much when there are still spots like this around.

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